Catholic Estate and Personal Planning Seminars

Catholic Estate and Personal Planning Seminars

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Catholic Estate and Personal Planning Seminars are one of the many services offered by the Office of Development. These seminars are typically conducted at parishes and run approximately 90 minutes in length. The Planned Giving staff offer these seminars to help parishioners practice and learn stewardship of assets and assist them in navigating through the sometimes complex process of personal and estate planning.

Statistics indicate that these types of seminars are greatly needed. In the United States over 70% of those who die each year do not have a will. Of those who do have wills, many of these wills are invalid or out of date.

What others are saying about the seminars:

“One of the best programs attended that was sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Every adult should attend!”

“Very helpful…provides key reminders of the heart of our Catholic faith; provides clear directions for prayerfully thinking through and creating your individual plan for end of life physical, spiritual and financial.”

“This was such a thoughtful and compassionate way to introduce a difficult and challenging topic. I’m really grateful this resource is available.”

Seminar attendees learn the basics of good estate planning. Topics of discussion include:

  • Church teaching on end of life issues
  • Advanced Medical Directive
  • Health Care and Powers of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Charitable Giving Opportunities

All attendees receive:

  • A comprehensive 32 page estate planning workbook
  • The most up-to-date version of the Catholic Advance Medical Directive for the state of Virginia which includes sample draft documents

During and after the seminar, diocesan staff will answer individual questions that pertain to various estate planning topics. These seminars have been well received by attendees, who learn that having a valid will is a way to practice good stewardship of one's treasures.

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